Yes, what is “Strike Three, etc.”?  When I started writing, I wrote a few too many stories that wouldn’t fit into either of my first two books. So, what I did was put a couple of stories together with a family recipe as a “throw in” about some things that could have turned out more favorably, but took a turn. Not all the turns are coined bad or unfavorable moments but, yes siree, I did a throw down to the tune of “Did ya learn anything from that, boy?”

I once turned over a whole row of cotton (“turned over” means GONE) when disking up a field—little shit like that. Well, it just seemed to escalate. Yeah, I got blindsided more than a few times. Collateral damage could run up the totem pole fast. Minor stuff, like keepin’ my head down on the marker to the right of the tractor was a good thing, but not lookin’ over my shoulder to the left, turned into another “are you shittin me?” (a common baseball term) moment. Yep, forgetting to look both ways, well…that be a big mistake. And of course Dad was pissed…“focus boy, ya gotta focus.”

Leading off is “Tough Call: Rated ‘R’.” It’s about an occasional “umpire” that could and would get in the way. Coming up second is “Smooth Talker.”  This is where I take a jaunt down to Arkansas and get reacquainted with an old girlfriend, that kinda took a turn for the worse. Batting third is the hard-hitting family recipe, “SEMO Barbeque Sauce, a.k.a. Panther Piss.” Just felt I couldn’t leave this out. It’s a damn good one, and also acts as a multi-purpose medicinal aid with plenty of healing benefits.  Here’s my take on this “Strike Three, etc.”